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1、Directions:In each of the following groups of words,there are four underlined let.ters or letter combinations marked A,B,C andD.Compare the underlined parts and i-dentify the one that isDifferent from the others in pronunciation.Mark your answerByblackening the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET I.

( )






2、( )






3、( )






4、( )






5、( )






6、Vocabulary and Structure(15 points)

Directions:There are 15 incomplete sentences in this section.For each sentencethere are four choices marked A,B,C andD.Choose one answer thatBest completes thesentence andBlacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET I.

( )I went to have my glasses_________.

A.fit on


C.fitted on



7、( )It must have rained last night,_________the ground is wet.






8、( )She decided to give herself_________the police.

A.up to





9、( )The university has_________a special class to help poor readers.


B.set up




10、( )He is always complaining about one thing or__________.






11、( )Tom,together with his family,__________to see us tonight.

A.is coming

B.are coming




12、( )__________those Books Do you want?

A.What are

B.Which of

C.Which are



13、( )Last Sunday_________had a picnic inBeihai Park.

A.John,Mary and I

B.John,me and Mary

C.John,I and Mary

D.I,John and Mary


14、( )The garden requires__________.


B.being watered

C.to water

D.having watered


15、( )一Which car you likeBetterBetween the two?

一__________one is exactly what I like.


B.Either of.




16、( )一Nice to see you.I__________you for a long time.

-I_________inBerlin.I've just gotBack.

A.didn’t see,am

B.wasn’t seeing,am

C.hadn’t see,haveBeen

D.haven’t seen,was


17、( )Let me help you,_________?

A.won’t you

B.will you

C.shau I

D.shan’t I


18、( )_________would you solve the problem if this method failed?

A.What else

B.How else

C.How little

D.How else


19、( )_________do you change the cell for your watch?

A.How many

B.How often

C.How little

D.How Soon


20、( )TheBook is_________toBe put into that envelope.You need aBigger one.

A.big enough




三、Cloze(30 points)

21、根据下列材料回答21-35 题。

Directions:For eachBlank in the following passage,there are four choices markedA,B,C andD.Choose the one that is most suitable and mark your answerByBlacken-ing the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET I.

Research shows thatBy using computers,studentsBecomeBetter problem solvers andBet—ter communicators.Over a network,using ___21___ and sharing flies,students have the chanceto collaborate and work ___22___ with other classmates,peers,and teachers.Networking elec—tronically can 23 learners create,analyze,and produce information and ideas more24 and efficiently.Networking people“put the inspiring and usable set of tools ___25___reach of the mass of computer ___26___ ,empowering them to___27___ Beyond simply processinginformation toDesign,publish,and express”(Mello,1996).Through this ___28___electronicaccess to the world around them,students’social awareness and ___29___ increase.Networking___30___them from the limitations of ___31___writing tools that often inhibit and restrict writingprocesses.Learning is then___32___from a traditional passive—listening exercise to an experi-ence ofDiscovery,exploration,and excitement.Students canBegin to ___33___ their full poten—tial when __34__ are empowered to contribute and collaborate as a team to accomplish theirwriting tasks 35 effectively.

( )






22、( )






23、( )






24、( )






25、( )






26、( )






27、( )






28、( )






29、( )






30、( )






31、( )






32、( )






33、( )






34、( )






35、( )





四、Reading Comprehension(60 points)

36、根据下列材料回答36-55 题。

Directions:There are five reading passages in this part.Each passage is followedByfive questions.For each question there are four suggested answers marked A,B,C andD.Choose theBest answer andBlacken the corresponding letter on ANSWER SHEET I.Passage One What makes a person faInous? This is a mystery that many people have pondered.All kinds of myths surround the lives of well—known people.

Most people are familiar with the works of William Shakespeare.one of the greatest Eng.1ish writers of the sixteenth century.Yet how many know Shakespeare the person,the man—be-hind the works?

After centuries of research,scholars are still trying toDiscover Shakespeare’s personal his.tory.It is not easily found in his writings.Authors of the time could not protect their works.An acting company,for example,could change a play if they wanted to.Nowadays writershave copynghts that protect their work.

Many myths arose about Shakespeare.Some said he had no formal education.There arerumors that he left home when accused of stealing a horse.OthersBelieve that heBegan his ca-reerBy tending the horses of wealthy men.

All of these myths are interesting,but are they true?Probably not.Shakespeare’s fatherwas a respected man in Stratford,a member of the town council,He sent young William togrammar school.Most people of Elizabethan timesDid not continueBeyond grammar school;S0,ShakespeareDid have,at least,an average education. Some parts of Shakespeare’s life will always remain unknown.The Great London Fire of

1 666 Burned many importantDocuments that could haveBeen a source of clues.We will alwaysbe left with many questions and few facts.

( )This passageDeals with________.

A.Shakespeare’S personal history

B.the lostDocuments of Shakespeare

C.scholars of Shakespeare

D.the Great London Fire


37、( )Parts of Shakespeare’S life continue to remain a mysteryBecause________.

A.writers had no claim over their works

B.the Great London FireBurned importantDocuments

C.people are not interested

D.researchersDo not have the expertise to find the facts


38、( )From this passage we call infer that Shakespeare_________.

A.is surroundedBy myths

B.had no education

C.was a horse thief

D.was popular in Stratford


39、( )The first sentence arouses interestBy presenting_________.

A.aDirect statement

B.a question

C.an emotional appear

D.a contrast


40、根据下列材料回答40-59 题。

Some people argue that the pressure on international sportsmen and sportswomen kills theessence(真谛)of sport--the pursuit of personal excellence.Children kick a football aroundfor fun.When they get older and play for local school teams,theyBecome competitiveBut theystill enjoy playing.The individual representing his country cannot afford to think about enjoyinghimself,he has to think only about winning.He is responsible for entire nation's hopes,dreams and reputation.

A good example is the football World Cup.Football is the world’s most important sport.Winning the World Cup is perhaps the summit of international sporting SUCCESS.Mention Ar—gentina(阿根廷)to someone and the chances are that he’11 think of football.In a sense,win。ning the World Cup put Argentina on the map.

Sports fans and supporters get quite unreasonable about the World Cup.People in Eng—land felt that their country was somehow important after they won in l966.Last year thousandsof Scots sold their cars,and even their houses,and spent all their money traveling to Argenti—na,where the finals were played.

So,am I arguing that international competition kills the idea of sport?Certainly not!Dothe Argentinian reallyBelieve thatBecause eleven of their men proved the most skillful at foot—ball,their nation is in every wayBetter than all others?Not really,but it's nice to know thatyou won and that in one way at least your country is theBest.

( )In the second paragraph,the word“summit”means“_________”.

A.highest point

B.mountain top




41、( )According to the passage,Argentina is world-famousBecause of its_________.

A.excellence at most important sports

B.successes in the football World Cup

C.obvious position on the map

D.1arge number of sports fans and supporters


42、( )What is the author's main purpose in the passage?

A.To prove that football is the world’s most important sport.

B.To show that Argentina isBetter than all others.

C.To compare Scotland with Argentina.

D.To explain the role of sport.


43、( )What is the author's attitude towards international games?

A.Nations that meet on a football field are unlikely to meet on aBattlefieH.

B.Nations that give much attention to international competitions are world—famous in many ways.

C.Nations tllat win in international games prove theBest on the sports field at least.

D.Nations tllat win the football World Cup are regarded asBest in all aspects.


44、根据下列材料回答44-63 题。

There is muchDiscussion today about whether economic growth isDesirable.At an earlierperiod,ourDesire for material wealth may haveBeen justified.Now,however,thisDesire formore than we need is causing serious problems.Even though we have good intentions,we maybe producing too much,too fast.

Those who criticize economic growth argue that we must slowDown.TheyBelieve that soci—ety is approaching certain limits on growth.These include the fixed supply of natural resources,the possible negative effects of industry on the natural environment,and the continuing increasein the world’s population.As society reaches these limits,economic growth Can no longer con-tinue.and the quality of life willDecrease.

People who want more economic growth,on the other hand,argue that even at the presentgrowth rate there are still many poor people in the world.These proponents of economic growthbelieve that only more growth call create the capital needed to improve the quality of life in theworld.Furthermore.they argue that only continued growth Can provide the financial resourcesrequired to protect our natural surroudings from industrialization.

This Debate over theDesirability of continued economic growth is of vital importance tobusiness and industry.If those who argue against economic growth are correct,the problemsthev mention cannotBe ignored.To find a solution, economists and theBusiness communitymustDay attention to these problems and continueDiscussing them with one another.

( )According to those who argue against economic growth we must slowDown for the

following reasons EXCEPT that_______.

A.more efforts shouldBe made to improve the quality of our material life

B.the fixed supply of natural resources marks a pointBeyond which economicgrowth cannot continue

C.the world population is ever increasing

D.our natural surroundings are inDanger ofBeingDestroyedBy industry


45、( )We may infer from the context that“proponents”(Para.3)most probably means __________.

A.arguments in support of something


C.people who argue for something

D.people who argue against something


46、( )Those who want more economic growthBelieve that continue‘d economic growth

A.is essential to the well-being of society as a whole

B.can provide the solution to many of our social problems today

C.call protect our environment fromBeing pollutedBy industry

D.can provide US with more natural resources for industrialization


47、( )The passage is mainly about__________.

A.the advantages andDisadvantages of economic growth

B.the presentDebate on economic growth

C.the importance of theDebate on economic growth

D.the contradictionBetween economists and theBusiness community


48、根据下列材料回答48-67 题。

When IBegan reading Catch-22,I thought it was a farcical satire on life in the UnitedStates Army Air Force.Later IBelieved that Mr.Heller's target was modem war and all those whoare responsible for waging it.Still later it seemed that he was attacking social organization andanyone whoDerives power from it.ButBy the end of theBook it hadBecome plain to me that itis—no other phrase willDo—tlle human condition itself which is the object of Mr.Heller,s out.raged fhry andDisgust.

A reviewer must always keep an anxious eye on the state of his currecy.If he announcestoo many masterpieces he risks inflation(though it is sometimes forgottenBy some of US that thecowardice of perpetual crabbing(挑剔)receives its own kind of punishment).ItDoes not seemmany weeks since l was proclaiming that Malcolm Lowry’s Under the Volcano is one of the greatEnglish novels of the century;and not longBefore that l was urging that attention shouldBe paidto the magnificent and neglected talent of William Gerhardi.

But at th e ri sk of inflation I cannot help writing that Catch-22 is the greatest satirical workin English since Erewhon.For the fact is that all my successive interpretations of thisBook nowseem to haveBeen accurate,even if the earlier ones were also incomplete.TheBook has an im.mense andDevastating(讽刺的)theme,but this theme is illustrated,as it shouldBe,bv meaJlsof an observed reality.

I am not suggesting that Catch—22 is a realistic account of life in the war—time Air Forceof America or any other country.The method of satire is to inflate(放大)reality so that all its partially concealedBlemishes(缺点)turn into monstrous and apparentDeformations.Theefiect of good satire is to make us laugh with horror.And this means that social and personal e-vils which areBeing satirized must haveBeen there,and mustBe feltBy the reader toBe thereeyen while he is laughing at the results of the satirist's inflating imagination.

( )The passage seems toBe from________.

A.a review of a film

B.aBook about the U.S.Air Force

C.an essay on satire

D.a review of aBook


49、( )The writer suggests that Catch-22 is________..

A.a very great English novel

B.an accurate portrayal of life in wartime

C.an excellent piece of satire

D.the work of a neglected author


50、( )The underlined part“keep all anxious eye on the state of his currency”means________.

A.take care not toBe over—critical in his writing

B.watch carefully to see that nobody else takes his job

C.be careful tO ensure that his comments retain their value

D.be sure that his salary keeps pace with inflation


51、( )WhyDoes the writer say“at the risk of inflation”?

A.Because he feels that he mightBe exaggerating

B.Because he has recently praised more works than usual

C.Because lie finds it hard toBe objective

D.Because he feels he may not praise the work sufficiently


52、根据下列材料回答52-71 题。

The idea of a fishBeing able to generate electricity strong enough to light lampBulbs—oreven to mn a small electric motoris almost unbelievable,but several kinds of fish are able todo this.Even more strangely。this curious power hasBeen acquired inDifferent waysBy fishBe。longing to veryDifferent families.

Perhaps theBest known are the electric rays,or torpedoes(电鱼),of which several kindslive in warm seas,They posses on each side of the head,behind the eyes,a large organ consis—ting of a number of hexagonal shaped cells rather like a honeycomb.The cells are filled with ajeUy—like substance,and contain a series of flat electric plates.One side,the negative side,ofeach plate.is supplied with very fine nerves,connected with a main nerve coming from a specialpart of theBrain.Current passes from the upper,positive side of the organDownwards to thenegative,lower side.Generally it is necessary to touch the fish in two places,completing the cir-cuit,in order to receive a shock.

The strength of this shockDepends on the size of the fish,but newlyBorn ones only about5 centimeters across canBe made to light theBulb of a pocket flashlight for a few moments, while a fully grown torpedo gives a shock capable of knocking a manDown,and,if suitablewires are connected,will operate a small electric motor for several minutes.

Another famous example is the electriceel.This fish gives an even more poweIful shock.The system i8Different from that of the torped。in that the electric plates run longitudinally(纵向)and ale supplied with nerves from the spinal(脊骨)cord.Consequefitly,the current passesalong the fish from head to tail.The electric or gans of these fish are really altered muscles andlike all muscles are apt(1ikely)to tire,so they are not able to produce electricity for very long.The power of producing electricity may serve these flshBom forDefence and attack.

( )It canBe seen from the passage that__________.

A.the torpedo’s electric ceils have a shape with six sides

B.some fish can produce enough electricity toDrive a number of electric motors

C.the current travels in an upwardDirection from the positive side to negative sidein torpedo’s electric cells

D.the capacity to generate electricity is theDistinctive acteristic of the fish


53、( )Usually you will not get a shockBy touching the electric ray in one place onlyBe.cause__________.

A.a torped0’s electric cells contain more than one electricDlates

B.to complete the circuit,you have to touch the fish in twoDlaces

C.the current in one place is not strong enough to give a shock

D.the fish’s electric cells are filled with jelly-like substance


54、( )The main idea of the third paragraph is that.

A.the mass of the fishDecides the intensity of electric power it generates

B.the strength of shock givenBy a young electric ray can only light theBulb of apocket flashlight

C.to make full use of the energy producedBy electric fish,suitable wires shouldBeavailable

D.a mature torpedo is capable of producing enough electricity to knockDown a man


55、( )The reason why the electric eel is able to give more powed'ul shock is that.

A.compared with those in the torped0,the working system of electric plates in theeel is moreDirect and efficient

B.compared with other electric fish,the eel possesses much more electricDlates

C.the working system of the electric plates in the eel is far inferior to those in thetorpedo

D.the working system of the electric plates in the eel is the most effective


五、Daily Conversation(15 points)

56、根据下列材料回答56-60 题。

Directions:Pick out the appropriate expressions from the eight choicesBelow and coin-plete the followingDialoguesByBlackening the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

A.What about making it a little earlier?

B.I have no idea.

C.Let’s go together.

D.Thank you all the same.

E.Do you likeBasketball?

F.When and where shall we meet?

G.TtDoesn't matter?

H.What are you going toDo?

A:WhatDo you plan toDo this weekend?

B: ___56___

A:I hear there’s going toBe aBasketbaH match this Sunday.Tom and I are going to wgtch it. ___57___

B:Of course.Basketball is my favourite.But I have no ticket for the match.What a pity!A:You’re lucky.I have some free tickets. ___58___

B:Great ! ___59___

A:Let’S meet at theBus stop at half past five.

B:I think there mustBe aBig crowd of people there.____60___A:OK.See you at five o'clock.

B:See you.


57、 ________

58、 ________

59、 ________ 

60、 ________

六、Writing(25 points)


TlIis part is to test your ability toDo practical writing.You are required to write aNotice according to the following information in Chinese.Remember to write the Noticeon the Composition Sheet.









Words for reference:植物园theBotanical garden





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